She takes a real anal pounding for the backroom casting

When we talk about sex, there are many vocabularies and practices that we don’t know. This is an article that don’t care about sex taboo. Let’s talk about sodomize and sex anal.

What is sodomize and his rapport with sex anal?

The sodomy practice is this liberty of sexual act between woman and man. We make in love so free and we can test any desire that we couldn’t control. Faced to the sexual liberation that we get from the media and access to porn movies facilitated by the Internet, sodomy is the central practice seems to become unavoidable. Although men are more likely to appreciate Sodom but more and more women are tempted. Anal penetration has its own rules and must be complied with for maximum pleasure. First, you have to relax. Whatever than it's the first or the hundredth time, relaxation is one of the basic rules. Sodomy is not done "by surprise" because it may be very unwelcome. It is important that both partners have reached a good level of excitement. Preliminaries are therefore very important and accentuate the backroom casting climate of trust that must prevail during the act.

There are different steps for anal sex

Oral sex: blowjob and cunnilingus: A cock does not fit as easily into the anus as into the vagina. First because the anus does not lubricate itself as the vagina, but also because it contains many more muscles and nerve endings that could increase the sensation of pain. The lubricant has its raison in this practice.

Sex during menstruation is an old taboo: It took time to recognize even clitoral pleasure in women, so talk freely about these solitary practices and put the best tampon for this flow.

Precautions to take: Hygiene here is essential, as in sexual intercourse of all kinds. The proximity of the anus and clitoris will produce some bad smell if we don’t care about the hygiene and the caresses from one to the other can cause the spread of bacteria.

In front of sodomize, there are also many others anal sex position, like analdigitus, anulingus and all the best position to attempt the woman orgasm.

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